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It has been a while since the last post about The Berlin Experiment, hasn’t it? “We must know how they are doing!” the people cried. “Are they still alive? Have they gone from strength to strength like a judge at a bodybuilding contest? Is it summer where they are?”

Here are a few updates on what’s been happening.

Expanding one room at a time

The most recent news is that Supertext Deutschland GmbH will soon be expanding its premises by 100% to facilitate the company’s ongoing development. We’re still waiting for the neighbours to move out, but that will be sooner rather than later. The new space is intended to serve as a veritable hub of incoming and outgoing communication. While the translators sit quietly and diligently at their desks, tapping away like Gene Krupa at his drum kit, the New Room while be a hive of business activity. Sleek customer acquisition! Flashy meetings with clients and freelancers! Headsets! Wolf of Wall Street? More like Bär of Dudenstraße.

Translating to the limit

We will soon be joined by a new face in the office. A face with distinctly Anglo-American qualities. After working with us as a freelancer for four years, translator extraordinaire and coffee enthusiast Neal Witkowski will be bringing all his powers and skills to the Berlin team. One major benefit is that we now have an in-house specialist for US-English. This also means that the English team is now at full strength. Oh, you think you’ve got a translation curveball? We’ll just bat it out of the park. Tight deadline? We’ll tag team it. And so on.

Blessed events

The office isn’t the only place we get our workplace kicks. Recently, Supertext has been active at events throughout Berlin, and a few more have been pencilled in over the next few months. At the beginning of May, we went on a fact-finding mission to re:publica, a business festival for people who are equal parts confidence, tolerance, entitlement and narcissism. A few weeks later, Superboss Andrea and I dutifully manned a stand at the Content Marketing Masters conference near Potsdamer Platz. As well as milling in with our business cards and networking skills, we attended several presentations on how to become the next viral hit, leverage user-generated content and encourage employees to extol the benefits of the company they work for in a blog attached to the main website (you would never catch me doing that). The next major event is dmexco, the digital marketing exposition and conference in Cologne. It’ll be Supertext’s first cheeky jaunt across the Fatherland, and will hopefully take place to the tune of Delorean Dynamite by Todd Terje.

And thus the news comes to an end. Look forward to another update in several months’ time.

Foto via Strychnine

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