Of all the pitfalls of learning a language – irregular verbs, cases, prepositions – the sneakiest must be the false friends. These are common words that two languages share, but have completely different meanings. Because they sound familiar, they lull you into a sense of security and then leave you in embarrassing situations.

Very Welcome

You’re very welcome

Mauro recently wrote about how to begin and end business emails in English. I thought I’d follow that up with a quick post on the different ways of saying thank […]

Beef or chicken?

It’s a question we’re faced with every time we fly long haul. But have you ever thought about why a cow is beef and chicken is chicken?

Laughing is said to be the cure to everything: it relieves pain, boosts your immune system and keeps your spirits high. But humour isn’t always universal.

The apostrophe must be one of the most misused and misunderstood punctuation marks in the English language. But should it disappear from the public eye? Never!

Sign language

Counting in Chinese? Doing business in Japan? Getting the gestures right can make crossing cultures a little bit easier.


I’ve spent the last three months trying to put together an ultimate Supertext style guide. A superstyle guide, if you will. And for the most part, I’ve been struggling. So I’m taking a little break to try and figure out exactly what style guides are all about.

With a S on my chest

I’ve felt invincible since Supertext came into my life. It was instant attraction: the concept, the passion for language, the name! And they had a position open that seemed to […]

Let’s talk Denglisch

The formula for the perfect Denglisch sentence: 10% each of German and English, 39% wild guesswork and 41% blind optimism.