The marketing industry has been telling us for years that “Content is king!”, urging us to move away from using meaningless strings of keywords. It’s well known that Google is paying increasing attention to the relevance of content for the reader when determining the position of a website in its search results, but which criteria does the search engine use to assess the relevance of the text on a website?

„Content is King!“ fordert die Marketing-Branche seit Jahren lautstark und meint damit die Abkehr von der sinnlosen Aneinanderreihung von Keywords. Dass Google bei der Positionierung von Websites mehr und mehr auf die inhaltliche Relevanz für den Leser achtet, dürfte sich herumgesprochen haben. Doch nach welchen Kriterien bewertet die Suchmaschine die Relevanz eines Textes?

Kids and adults love them so; they may give you wings, or help you think different. Successful slogans promise a lot, but one thing is always guaranteed: they stick in our collective memory. So what exactly makes a good slogan unforgettable?