안녕, Supertext 그리고 Switzerland! (Bye, Supertext and Switzerland!)

Already 5 months have gone by since I came to Supertext, and I can’t believe that I’m now writing a blog post for my last working day. This is to sum up 5 months in Switzerland and a total of almost one year in Europe before I’ll fly back to my home country on New Year’s.

All in all, working here has been a good experience.  Even though the actual work was different from what I had expected, and I still like programming in Linux environment better than in Windows, it was good to learn ASP.NET, which my school mates rarely use. I could also experience a little what it’s like to be a „real“ programmer, what it’s like to be an employee in a company. Moreover, I had a lot of fun joining the weekend trips organized by IAESTE. Prior to my stay here in Switzerland, I’d been on an exchange in Denmark. Both experiences were very new to me. The working experience in Switzerland was especially valuable since I was not here as a student, but as a worker. Working in a foreign country was altogether new, sometimes hard and sometimes pleasant, and very different from being an exchange student.

There’s no telling when I’ll be able to come back, even for a short visit to Switzerland and Europe. I’m actually very ready to go back to Korea and to school now, but I’ll miss everyone I met here. Thanks for such a great experience!

Titelbild via Flickr: Zurich by Night – Mark Gunn (CC BY 2.0)

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