Moj posao u Supertextu – My first two weeks at Supertext

Hi, I’m Natasha, I come from Croatia and I just started working at the Supertext AG two weeks ago through a student organization called IAESTE which organizes students traineeships all over the world. So, I came to Switzerland with a train and as I was traveling for 15 hours, my big Switzerland adventure didn’t start as good as I thought it would. As a result when I came to Zurich I had blisters on my feet, a fever and a sour throat so I couldn’t talk at all. But in spite of everything, the only thing I could think about is my job and how it will all go on my first day of work.

So I woke up in the morning all excited and got ready for my first work day. But, of course as everything started out so great it continued that way – I got lost on the way there! I was walking around for 45 minutes trying to find the office and all the time I was thinking “Great, I’m late on my first day, they’re gonna fire me before I even start working!”. When I finally made it to the office everyone was waiting for me and as I was trying to introduce myself they all realized that I can’t talk or walk normally and it was probably pretty funny to look at. Then I thought, ok, they are laughing, it can’t be that bad. And then I saw that there is a laptop and an additional screen on my desk and like a true geek I thought to myself “Wooow! I guess my luck is changing!”. And I was right, from the moment I went in the office my luck changed!

I mean, working in a place where there is such a friendly atmosphere, a table football and there is always coffee and chocolate! What else can anyone wish for? Oh, yeah, you’re right, maybe I should also take my job into that consideration. Well, guess what, my job is interesting, I’m getting valuable experience, doing something I love and getting paid for it. Can you beat that?

From the moment I went into the office everyone was trying really hard to make me feel like a part of the team. And by the end of the first day I already felt like that! Just to give an example, on my third day of work my mouse ran out of batteries and my boss was the one who went to the supermarket and bought some batteries. I wanted to go but he said it’s no problem and that he’ll do it. I mean, a lot of interns’ jobs that I know of consist of just going to the supermarket and cleaning machines but at Supertext it’s different. Here everyone is appreciated for what they do and it’s just a …. well, we are just a team of people doing their jobs and having fun while doing it, as simple as that:)

Couver picture: Photo via Supertext

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  • Josip am 17. September 2010 12:21 Uhr

    Hi Natasha, I see you enjoy working there, see ya next month (Ljubitza mentioned me as a potential driver for her visit),


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