My last days at Supertext

Me giving a presentation of my work to the Supertext team.

My work at Supertext
The time flew by and my internship at Supertext is coming to an end. In just three months I’ve managed to work with a lot of different technologies and I got to know the Supertext system pretty well. My first task was to build a web application that would make communication with the copywriters easier and more efficient. I remember how lost I was in the beginning when trying to figure out how the whole system works but thanks to Remy Blaettler and his patience in answering all of my questions, I got the hang of it quickly. My first assignment was programmed in ASP.NET and C#. I also made some minor changes in the system using JQuery JavaScript Library giving me the chance to get some experience working with JavaScript.
After that I mostly did programming in ASP.NET creating web applications for processes such as user registration etc. One of the things I was working on was creating a possibility of exporting data from the database directly to an Excel file. This was done using Open XML SDK for Microsoft Office. This was done using Open XML SDK for Microsoft Office. This tool is very useful for creating customer lists, finances data exports and similar stuff.

The screenshot of the holiday tool

Building the notification service

One of the things I was working on was a windows presentation foundation project with a user interface that can also be started from the command line or as a windows service. This application is used for a couple of things, mostly sending notifications to the admin of the system in case of late jobs or sending marketing e-mails to customers. The application can be installed as a windows service and in that case it checks every few minutes if there is a mail that needs to be sent. Also, it can be called from the command line and do the task and then shut down. In the end, I used Selenium and Unit Tests to test the applications’ functionality.

Working with the team

Overall, I got a lot of experience working with all of these technologies but the most valuable experience for me was working with such a good team and in such a nice working environment. What I know for sure is that it’s going to be pretty difficult to find a job where I feel as comfortable as I do here. One thing I can tell you – this team is really a SuperTeam. I always thought it’s impossible to find a good balance between doing business and having fun but this company has it all. They manage to keep a friendly, warm and happy atmosphere all day long without it conflicting with the work atmosphere. Everyone in the office did their best to make me feel like a part of the team and for that I thank them.

The end of my traineeship

In a few days I’m going back home but with me I’ll take a lot of good memories. Trying to learn how to play table football (even though I have to admit I was a better IT learner than table football learner), eating some of the best sweets I ever tried and the biggest Cordon Bleu I ever saw, watching some of the crawls of shame, gathering to bake cookies all together and a lot more.

Even though my traineeship here is done I’m sure one day we’ll all meet again. So long, Supertext, I’m sure there are a lot of new good things waiting for you in the future! Until we meet again – Veliki pozdrav svima u Supertextu.

Couver picture: Photo via Supertext

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