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University Hospital Basel puts its trust in the Zurich-based online language service provider.

Following mandates from customers such as Klinik Hirslanden, Curaden International AG, the Association of Leading Swiss Hospital Physicians (VLSS), aarReha Schinznach, the Swiss Dentists’ Society and Medtronic, Supertext is continuing to expand its leading position in the medical and health sector. At the beginning of the year, University Hospital Basel chose Supertext to translate its website into English. The project was grounded in a recognition by Switzerland’s leading medical centers, which meet high international standards, that they need to adjust their language to appeal to, win and retain an increasingly international clientele. The University Hospital has spent decades establishing its strong position in the Basel region and around the world, and wants to maintain it – from a communications perspective as well as a medical one. John Philip Berry, web editor at University Hospital Basel, explains: “We were looking for a language service provider that had experience in our field and could offer us a quick and seamless system for processing translations. Supertext’s online order and distribution system serves us extremely well in this respect.”

Cover image via Pixabay (CC0)

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