Write like Hemingway

So, you wanna write like Hemingway? Good luck if you’re not a natural born talent.

But don’t give up hope. I have three solutions in mind that might help:

  1. Fuhgeddaboudit and just take advantage of our online copy-editing service for great copy in just a few hours. Problem solved.
  2. Learn to write. Good writing is 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration and you can learn it. The Schreibszene has great classes.
  3. Use a tool that makes you a good writer. The excellent Hemingway Editor gives you tips and corrects your writing within in the editor. And no, not like Microsoft Word. Unfortunately it’s only available in English at the moment. I wrote and polished this article with it. Check out what the tool made of my post.

There are other good text editors out there that are focused on honing your writing skills:

  • iA Writer is the godfather of simple writing apps.
  • Ulysses 3 is currently the favorite app of our chief writer, but only available as a desktop Mac app.
  • StackEdit is a web app with direct integration into Dropbox that works with markdown.
  • Slugline is completely focused on the writing – no buttons, no settings. But also just a Mac app.

Titelbild: Screenshot hemingwayapp.com

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3 Kommentare zu “Write like Hemingway”

  • Jürg am 31. July 2014 16:37 Uhr

    Merci für die Infos? Hat jemand schon mal mit Papyrus (https://www.papyrus.de) gearbeitet?

  • Rémy Blättler am 31. July 2014 16:46 Uhr

    Nein, noch nie probiert. Sieht aber noch interessant aus. Gutes Thema für den nächsten Blogpost :-)

  • Dennis am 31. March 2015 11:19 Uhr

    Danke für den Artikel, werde die verschiedenen Programme direkt mal testen! :)

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