Berlin Calling: Icke wieder

Hey, who wants to know what’s going on in Berlin? Anyone? That’s the spirit. We’re into our fourth month now at mighty Dudenstraße and things are going smoother than Ryan Gosling on an ice rink.

Oh sure, we’ve had blips here and there: a couple of the start-up events have been fairly underwhelming (“You want something that isn’t lukewarm beer from Bremen? Where do you think you are, some kind of highly diversified capital city?”), we ran out of Yorkshire Tea for a day, and Anna, our Italian language manager and translation machine, has temporarily left us to shame people into giving her a seat on the bus due to being super pregnant.

But in general we’re voll im Gang, and Supertext Deutschland GmbH is beginning to make its presence felt in the market of the Teutons. A trickle of jobs from clients is starting to fill up our inboxes, one of whom is none other than hyperactive amalgam BuzzFeed. Yeah, that’s right: we’re the Captain Ahab of the translation world and we speared the white whale with our harpoons of language. In addition, the freelancer database has been expanded to incorporate several hand-picked language and copywriting experts, and the new .de website has been up and running for a month. I also put up a calendar, which looks awesome.

Personnel souriant

Seeing as I have the soapbox, I might as well use it to say: we need a German>French translator. A good one. This isn’t a job advertisement, because that can be found elsewhere on the site can be found elsewhere on the site. This is more of a behind-the-scenes glance at what awaits you: right now there are only three of us in the office, but we’re all interesting, engaging people. Andrea, for example, has a pet fish. Elsa likes to sew. I rank albums in my head. The other kids in the building are friendly too: yoga enthusiasts, lone business wolves, marketing consultants and programmers who steal all the mugs in the kitchen.
The location is great – we’ve got Viktoriapark for all your grassy needs, Mehringdamm and Bergmannstraße just down the road to plunder for food and Friday alcohol, and we’re right next to the U6. It’s a shower of glamour, basically, and it’s what a successful candidate can expect to bathe in daily. So don’t hang around to apply. It’s like TKMaxx: once it’s gone, don’t even think of asking us if we have it available in a different size.

The future

Over the next couple of months, we shall continue to promulgate the Supertext name far and wide, build up client relationships, high-five over every new order that comes in and pound the keyboards until our fingers seize up and we get replaced by androids (it’s the future). We’re also looking forward to welcoming the entire Supertext Zurich team to our Kiez in December – I’m hoping for warm greetings, good (vegan) food, inebriation, inappropriate dancing, a couple of heated arguments, tears and make-up hugs. Classic family Christmas.

Finally, apropos of nothing, here’s an autumnal EP: Nick Mulvey – Fever To The Form-EP

Bild: Strychnine

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  • Ellen am 17. August 2015 10:09 Uhr

    Just a remark: great musical taste. Love the EP. Cheers, Ellen

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