Supertext translates University Hospital Zurich’s main website

The translation quality and technical support available sealed the deal.

Another leading Swiss medical center with an impressive international reputation – University Hospital Zurich (UHZ) – has chosen Supertext as its language service provider. As was the case with University Hospital Basel, the St. Gallen Cantonal Hospital and, Supertext’s thematic expertise and the technical support it offers with implementation sealed the deal.

The first step involved translating the new main website. In order to find the right tone, Supertext carried out a test among its pool of translators specializing in medical topics, with the goal of finding a main and a backup translator.

University Hospital Zurich comprises 43 clinics, making it one of the largest hospitals in Switzerland. The organization wanted to find an error-free way of processing translations for the high volume of content on the website. UHZ Head of Digital Services Fabio Feubli: “We wanted a system where we could simply export a single text file from our CMS and then reimport the translation. It clearly wasn’t the first time Supertext had dealt with this kind of request. Their experience meant that both the technical and the linguistic sides of things worked perfectly.”

Image: University Hospital Zurich

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