The long way round

It’s taken nine years, five cities, four jobs, and three countries for me to come to my senses.

I studied languages at university. Yet somehow amid the flurry of career fairs dedicated to all things corporate, I overlooked translation as a career option and, like most of my fellow arts graduates, ‘sold my soul’ to the City. But after years spent slaving away in a London-based investment bank, and a brief sojourn managing a fitness studio in Australia (it turns out that just because you like running, it doesn’t mean you will like running a gym), I finally followed my heart.

From G’day to Grüezi

My overdue foray into the world of translation was kick-started one Friday afternoon in Sydney two years ago, when my boyfriend informed me that he had been offered a work-transfer to a mysterious town called Baar in Switzerland. One edifying Google maps search (and several glasses of wine) later, we decided to take the plunge. In hindsight, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Back in the heart of Europe, dusty German grammar in hand, I embarked on my linguistic renaissance and rediscovered my soul. I am now settled in Zug and enjoying the good life: mountains for skiing in winter, paddle-boarding on the lake in summer, fondues and Zuger Chriesi aplenty. If only there were somewhere I could get a decent fry-up on a Sunday morning …

Final Destination

And now here I am writing my first blog post as the latest addition to the English language management team at Supertext Zurich. Now that I’ve overcome my initial technophobia (thanks largely to the ever-patient Neal Witkowski and Kristy Sakai) and have got to grips with the ‘Supersystem’, I’m starting to feel at home. Lunchtimes at Supertext are a communal affair, where I continue to marvel at (and hope to someday master) the peculiarities of ‘Schwyzerdütsch’ as we soak up the sun on the roof terrace. A far cry indeed from all those years of sushi gulped down on interminable conference calls. There’s even a weekly yoga session to ward off the translator’s hunch. I think I’m going to like it here.

Cover picture: Photo via Supertext

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