Mobiliar relies on Supertext for its website relaunch

Mobiliar opted for a safe pair of hands and chose Supertext to provide copywriting and translation services for the relaunch of its website.

Mobiliar, well known for its long-term ad campaign featuring pencil sketches of accidents, is one of the oldest private insurance companies in Switzerland. It launched its new website at the beginning of April 2016 as part of a complete overhaul of the company’s branding. In addition to editing all existing content in the insurance and pensions sections and brand portal (intranet), Supertext also wrote new content and translated everything into French and Italian.

The project began by testing out four different copywriters. Mobiliar used the sample texts to select a pair of copywriters that suited the style and content of the planned advice and product texts. Supertext then assembled teams of two to four translators and proofreaders to translate the new texts.

Seraina Heierli, an online communications specialist at Mobiliar, says: “We had a very tight schedule: in just half a year, we completely redesigned the content of our website. Thanks to Supertext’s support, our texts now come from a single source and are adapted to our corporate wording – in every language. Super texts, super translations – Supertext managed it all.”

Illustration: Rinaldo Dieziger

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