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Supertext launches the first toy blog in Switzerland for Franz Carl Weber

Franz Carl Weber has shifted its focus to content marketing, launching the first toy blog in Switzerland. Supertext was in charge of selecting authors and producing the content on behalf of this traditional Swiss toy store.

The toy market is highly competitive. Traditional Swiss toy brand Franz Carl Weber and its 19 stores are competing directly with national and international online providers offering Barbie, Ken and Batman at killer prices.

Differentiation through toy expertise

Rather than adopting an aggressive pricing strategy, Franz Carl Weber is emphasizing the quality that has made it the best-known toy brand in Switzerland: toy expertise. Many customers don’t have a concrete idea of what they want when they enter the store; instead, they draw inspiration from the range on offer and value the advice of experienced in-store toy experts.

So why not make these ideas and tips for age-appropriate toys and gifts available online as well? “Supertext approached us with the idea for a toy blog. The timing was perfect, as we were just relaunching the website,” says Andri Hofmann, Head of Marketing.

Copywriter casting

The toy blog represents a further online development of Franz Carl Weber’s toy expertise and commitment to service. Supertext undertook a multi-stage casting process to provide Franz Carl Weber with three well-known authors and columnists from its pool of copywriters. As of 2016, Nadia Meier (Mamablog, Tamedia), Nicole Simmen (Happy Day, SRF) and Stefan Millius (author and filmmaker) are providing readers with amusing and inspiring ideas and tips for games, toys and children’s entertainment.

Image: Andri Hofmann, Franz Carl Weber

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