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Supertext localizes Swisscom’s myCloud

In July 2015, Swisscom joined forces with Supertext to translate and localize its myCloud app. myCloud is a Swiss cloud solution for photos, videos and other files.

In the kick-off meeting, Swisscom introduced the cloud solution to Supertext. The task was to translate the app from German into English, French and Italian between summer and autumn of last year – right on time for the launch of a beta version in October 2015. Supertext formed a team of translators with an affinity for IT and got down to work. Translating an app means understanding its functions while it is still being developed, so it can be localized for the target market. Ultimately, the app has to be intuitive and user-friendly in all languages.

How is this achieved? A team of translators, an efficient workflow and a project manager who ensures everything is completed smoothly and on time. Furthermore, the Supertext IT team made it possible to export and import the content easily from the CMS, reducing the work for the client as well as the margin for error. Screenshots and wireframes from the myCloud app provided the translator with context for better understanding. The functions and descriptions are not ‘just’ translated, they are adapted for the target market and formulated in a way that helps the app user understand and intuitively navigate the app. Andreas Breitenmoser, project manager of myCloud, says: “Although we do our best to simplify use with visuals and intuitive navigation, the right words at the right place make a huge difference. Supertext enabled us to develop our sprints in four languages so that our users received an update in their own language every two weeks.”

At the end of the entire process, Supertext did one last check directly in the CMS: the translators conducted a usability test directly onscreen and made necessary changes accordingly. A beta version of the app has been available since autumn 2015 and on 5 April 2016, the online storage solution myCloud was released on the market as a new Swisscom product. Up to the launch date, the nova-phase app was being continuously developed by Swisscom – and the changes adapted by Supertext.

Image: Swisscom

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