REHAU puts its trust in Supertext’s translations

Internationality demands high standards

Handling up to 20 languages at the same time, with an excellent quality of translation, via a simple and reliable online ordering portal. This is the essence of REHAU’s two-year (and counting) collaboration with the language service provider Supertext.

From vehicles, railway tracks and furniture fronts to fridges and freezers – REHAU is everywhere. The polymer specialist is a leading supplier in the construction, automotive and industrial sectors. The company was founded in the Bavarian town of Rehau in 1948, and is now present on six continents, with around 20,000 employees at more than 170 locations.

Supertext has been translating for REHAU since the beginning of 2015. The orders are primarily specialist translations and transcreations. The list of languages required reflects the company’s internationality: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene, Estonian, Finnish, Georgian and Chinese.

The orders come in many forms: at the start of the collaboration, Supertext translated the company magazine Unlimited. Annual reports, website texts, product brochures, flyers and image brochures followed. Different departments such as Marketing, Corporate Communications, HR and Finance benefit from a shared pool of selected translators, editors and proofreaders.

Cover image by Christian Grund

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