Supertext goes Los Angeles

The city of angels beckons

Some of you may recall Supertext’s original mission statement – world domination. Well, this is it. Supertext is venturing outside Europe to crack the US market, and I’ll be heading up our new office.


After months of paperwork and preparation, we’re ready to launch Supertext USA, Inc. Rinaldo Dieziger is joining me on this adventure and is already getting settled in sunny California. I’ll be heading over, family in tow, in a couple of weeks. Why not New York? Or San Francisco? Too cold, too foggy, too hyped. Silicon Beach, it turns out, is the place to be. Our new office in Santa Monica will be ready for action from Dec 1, 2016.

In good spirits

What this means is that I will be leaving the English team. A strange feeling, as there was no English department when I joined in 2012. Or a Japanese department, for that matter. The entire Supertext empire was just nine people back then, and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing it grow into a fully blown LSP with offices in Berlin and Lausanne. And now, the US. That good old startup feeling awaits.

Thank you, danke, arigato

I’ve enjoyed every moment of being a language manager. For all those tight deadlines, PowerPoint nightmares and Trados errors – thank you to our fantastic network of translators, copywriters, editors and proofreaders for always making it happen. Thank you to our clients for always challenging us with interesting projects. Thank you to the entire team in Zurich, Berlin and Lausanne for always keeping the wheels oiled and being up for a laugh. And thank you to the brilliant English team for all the good times.

Picture via Wikimedia: Remi Jouan (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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