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Barrier-free in four languages: Supertext translates SBB’s new marketing campaign

Zurich-based agency Rod Kommunikation commissioned Supertext to handle language services for SBB’s latest major marketing project. The timetable was tight.

Real people at the forefront

SBB recently introduced its new marketing campaign, “Because the future starts today”, in which real people and their individual needs take center stage: by 2024, wheelchair user Michael will be able to travel barrier-free across the whole of Switzerland with SBB. Pensioner Jacques will be able to visit his friends even when he’s no longer able to drive, thanks to increased passenger capacity. And mother (to be) Caterina can be sure that her children will be able to travel quickly from German-speaking Switzerland back to their home in Ticino through the Ceneri Base Tunnel. Rail travel in Switzerland will become even easier and more comfortable. (Find out more at

Translated in record time

This marketing campaign’s translation into French, Italian, English and German took place in record time. The majority of the project was translated within just a few days. This was made possible by the internal Supertext language managers, who were ready to start work immediately, and by efficient project management. And Supertext didn’t just handle the translation and proofreading of posters, adverts and web content; we also produced transcriptions of the four multilingual films and teasers and their translations. In addition to the tight deadline, the frequent character limits also presented problems: the French and Italian texts were often around 25% longer than the German original. This meant that information had to be summarized or a freer translation solution found – all while keeping an eye on tone, style, consistency and grammar.

Despite all these challenges, Supertext was able to deliver all content on schedule, ensuring that the client was fully satisfied.

“We value Supertext’s flexibility and efficiency. Urgent texts were processed and translated within hours, with an extremely high level of attention to detail. A thoroughly reliable translation partner.”

Dr. Christoph Tyssen, Business Management Long-Distance Transport, SBB

Image via SBB

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