Supertext joins the American Translators Association

The ATA is “The voice of interpreters and translators” and with more than 10,000 professional members, it has been pivotal to the development of the language service industry in the US. As a corporate member, Supertext has access to the vast resources that the ATA provides, including certified translators, interpreters and training opportunities.

A source of supertalent

The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates language related employment to increase by over 40% between 2012 and 2022. This means finding the right professional will become even more critical to ensuring quality. Being an ATA member means we are right at the source of great talent, and will allow us to continue expanding Supertext’s network of over 800 copywriters and translators, each carefully selected and hand-picked for every project.

Certified for certainty

ATA certification is the only truly respected qualification for translators in the US. ATA certified translators have undergone a rigorous exam to demonstrate their translation skills in a specific language combination. By no means does this mean that translators without ATA certification are not skilled, but an ATA certified translator will be able to attest to the quality of documents with their ATA seal. ATA’s training programs also help new members grow professionally.

Finger on the pulse

Supertext keeps a close eye on movements in language services and the ATA network helps us stay up-to-date. It’s how we ensure we meet the challenges of a rapidly-growing industry. And keep our clients happy.

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