Five supertools for better content marketing productivity

Content marketers are always on the hunt for relevant information and current entertainment. But finding them means facing hundreds of distractions in the process. We show you how to sidestep the listicles and cat pictures – or at least save them for later.

Successful content marketing requires self-discipline – a lot of self-discipline. After all, even the best content is worth nothing if you’re too distracted to actually post it. Luckily, there are plenty of productivity aids out there. We’ve rounded up five supertools to help you avoid distraction. Assuming we didn’t lose you at cat.

1. Block distracting websites

cold_turkey_produktiv_content_marketing Conquer Facebook and YouTube procrastination with the help of Cold Turkey, which lets you block the worst offenders for a set period of time.

2. Bookmark content inspiration for later

evernote_content_marketing_produktiv There are dozens of tools out there to help you collect and organize your bookmarks. Evernote, one of the best known services, is also available as a handy app.

3. Answer emails quicker

Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-04 um 17.31.32 The Mac app Let.ter resembles a text editor, and using it to write emails ensures you won’t get distracted by interesting newsletters or bizarre spam.

4. Find free images efficiently

o_19vea31jbnds1nup1pbk1kuqa9p7_new Finding the right picture is difficult enough without having to navigate costs and licenses. Collections like Skuawk or Kaboom can help remedy the situation.

5. Get multilingual content effortlessly

wordpress_uebersetzung_plugin_blogpost-698x461 Make more time for cat pics with the Supertext plugin: two clicks are all it takes to order your content in multiple languages. The finished versions are pushed directly to your WordPress account without you having to lift a finger.

Cover image via: Skuawk (CC0 1.0)

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