How to become – and stay – a freelancer at Supertext

At Supertext, we look for both fresh talent and seasoned translators when recruiting freelancers. But no matter the level of experience, you’ll have to demonstrate outstanding writing skills, an impeccable eye for detail and consistent accuracy to become and stay one of our regulars.

Keep it clean

No matter how much experience you have, you’re going to look like an amateur if there are any errors in your CV or test translation. At a mere one or two pages, there’s no excuse for even a superficial mistake in your resume, so make sure you triple-check all the application documents – and have a friend look at them – before uploading them to the Supertext website. For English, stick to US or UK and stay consistent.
While all this may seem obvious, even the best of us are guilty of making rookie fumbles!

Keep it natural

At Supertext, we pride ourselves on producing translations that read as if they were written by a native speaker – and a talented writer at that. Accuracy should be a given, but even when translating a technical text, it is important to us that the copy flows naturally – after all, we only use freelancers whose target languages are their mother tongue for a reason.

Familiarize yourself with our workflows

Once you’re part of the team, you’ll get to take advantage of the intuitive online Supertext system. This will allow you to accept and reject jobs, create invoices, let us know about upcoming vacations and track your performance. The system is there to make our lives – and yours – easier. So make sure you are aware of all it has to offer when you start out. In addition, the English team has its very own style guide; a close reading is in order before you submit any jobs.

Research, research, research

You’re reading a translation, it flows smoothly, demonstrates excellent word choice – and then it comes, the name of an organization that has been incorrectly localized. While some institutions and associations do not have English names, a large percentage of them do – and a simple Google search is all it takes to find out. A careless error like this is enough to cast doubt on an entire translation regardless of the style, and the stakes are even higher for technical and legal translations where liability can be an issue. If you’re not sure about something: check it! And remember: the customer is (almost) always right – so stick to those Trados termbases and memories.

Avoid being a diva

Working for Supertext can be a challenge: our clients are demanding, and the deadlines tend to be as well. We value the work of our freelancers enormously and try our hardest to treat you with the utmost respect – and hope that you feel the same way about us. Lateness, subsequent excuses, complaints, rejection of feedback – these are all things that not only waste time, but undermine the spirit of appreciation and honesty we seek to develop with everyone we work with.

You make Supertext super

By providing us with top-quality translations, you are truly an integral part of what makes Supertext so special, which is something we never forget. We hope that your work with us provides you not only with a paycheck, but also a sense of fulfillment.

Care to join the Superteam? We are looking forward to your application.

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