Stylish and confident in three languages

Stylish and confident in three languages – Supertext rolls up its sleeves for Dosenbach-Ochsner

Shoes, clothes, sports: Dosenbach-Ochsner AG knows exactly what’s in style in Switzerland. And for equally stylish and confident texts, it turns to Supertext.

The Dosenbach, Ochsner Shoes and Ochsner Sport online stores offer more than 8,000 different pairs of shoes – not to mention T-shirts, bikes and leather sole oil. In short, their range is as varied as the customers it serves.

This means that the major challenge of their collaboration with Supertext is the sheer number of product texts needed. After all, even the fiftieth brand of sneakers has its own unique advantages, which need to be described accurately and concisely – in German, French and Italian.

“Reliable, structured – and creative.”

Following many years of collaboration, Supertext took over production of all texts for the Ochsner Sport online store in spring 2016. In July, the collaboration was expanded to include Ochsner Shoes. The project recently entered its second phase, to ensure that the 2017 summer trends also hit the right notes.

In order to manage the high volume of texts, Supertext has put together a hard-hitting team of language experts. Up to 12 copywriters and 10 translators work on the project simultaneously, until every word fits like a glove – or like the perfect shoe.

Oliver Wehrli, Head of Online Marketing at Dosenbach-Ochsner AG, asserts:

“It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture among the thousands of product texts. So we need our external language team to be efficient and well-structured – and that’s exactly what we get from Supertext, with Rahel Seeholzer as project manager. Reliable, structured – and creative.”

Title image: Dosenbach-Ochsner AG

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