What makes a slogan successful?

Kids and adults love them so; they may give you wings, or help you think different. Successful slogans promise a lot, but one thing is always guaranteed: they stick in our collective memory. So what exactly makes a good slogan unforgettable?

Haribo, Red Bull and Apple. Those are the slogans mentioned above, as you no doubt noticed. They may only very loosely do what they promise, but they are still unforgettable and evoke positive associations with the respective brands. Anyone who thinks that’s due to the millions of dollars invested in advertising campaigns is probably right – but a big budget doesn’t automatically guarantee a successful slogan. Success depends on a super copywriter and the following three factors:

1. Clarity

Successful slogans are succinct and summarize the basic values and strengths of the company in just a few words. The target group should be able to clearly understand and repeat the message. Getting this right takes a lot of intensive research, and it’s a challenge that gives even experienced copywriters sleepless nights as they attempt to move mountains for their clients.

2. Creativity

We are bombarded with thousands of ads every day. Clearly only the most distinctive ones make a lasting impression, and they often do it with humor. Making do with something average will not bring you the success you want. One thing’s for sure – it’s better for a company to have no slogan at all than a bad one.

3. Emotion

A slogan needs an emotional component to round off the creativity and clarity. This is the best way for a brand to make its mark, time and again. Content marketing activities are perfect for this; for example, almost everyone hears “Just Do It” and thinks of Nike, and the company reinforces this with a stream of positive content on its website.

If your slogan hits all three of these points, then you’ve done everything right. And if not – then hopefully you’ve heard our slogan.

Cover image via Flickr: Winner – David Melchor Diaz (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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