The magical story of your product going global

Once upon a time, you had a wonderful idea. An idea that wouldn’t let go. One day, you decide to take the leap. You set out to turn your idea into a business. And through innovation and determination, you make it succeed. As it grows, it instills in you an unwavering desire to share it with the rest of the world. So, what do you do?

Up, up and away

“Of course,” you think to yourself. “I will get my website translated.” Easy, right? Well, it’s a little more intricate than that.

Preparing a product for another audience isn’t simply a linguistic challenge. Translation, which is the transferring of meaning into another language, obviously plays a big part. However, adapting content for another culture – localization – is equally important to ensure a native experience. For example, you can simply translate a site that sells shoes from English into Spanish. Spanish is a classic example of getting the translation right, because each region has its own dialect – Spain, Columbia, Cuba, Argentina, Mexico and so on. But you may go farther and ask yourself, what currency should I display? Should I change the images so that they resonate with my new audience? When you localize a product, you are keeping the user experience in mind. Airbnb successfully did just that. If you look at the company’s various homepages (which expanded to over 190 countries), you will find that the sites do not always look alike. By considering the user, the company literally opened up millions of doors.

Where the magic happens

But this is your story, and the good news is this: for your flourishing product, the perfect solution is here. Leave it to the professionals. We are linguists. We are cultural experts. We understand your target market and how to introduce an idea into another kingdom. And we are equipped with the technological instruments to set your project in motion. In a sense, we are the magicians and fairy godmothers in your story of going global.

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