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So you’ve decided to go global, and your first step is to target the prolific Hispanic (Spanish-speaking) consumer base that dominates the Western Hemisphere. You head over to, submit your marketing content for translation into Spanish, and think to yourself, ‘all 22 countries due South plus Spain in one go? Score!’ Not so fast, amigo!

You’re aware of the nuances between American English and British English. You probably know what the ‘Tube,’ a ‘lift’, and ‘coriander’ refer to. But you’ve also noticed that these terms can distract you from the originally intended impact of the text. Similarly, there’s the well-known distinction in pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary between Spanish in Latin America and Spain. Depending on where your high school Spanish teacher hailed from, vosotros was either your daily companion or a persisting afterthought. But did you know that there are also significant differences among the various Latin American countries? For example, Argentina doesn’t use tú (informal ‘you’) like most other Spanish-speaking countries, but rather vos.

Las diferencias marcan la diferencia/ The differences make all the difference

Sound confusing? Supertext’s linguistic and cultural experts can help you find the right voice. We’ll recommend the variant that will appeal to your specific demographic. And transcreate your message to be as effective as the original. Teenagers in Columbia? Employees in Peru? We speak their language. Or let’s say you don’t want to get so country-specific. We can opt for a neutral LA Spanish that’s agreeable for most Spanish speakers. This comprehensive option can be more convenient and cost-effective. Whichever variant you decide to go with, we’ll help you get your message all the way across the Equator and beyond.

El poder de los hispanounidenses/The power of US Hispanics

What about reaching more consumers right here at home? Allow me to introduce US Spanish, the variant shared by some of the 55 million hispanounidenses. US Spanish differentiates itself by evoking English syntax in common phrases and coining new estadounidismos (not the same as controversial Spanglish). The US is now the second largest Spanish-speaking country in the world, and along with that impressive stat comes this sales bonanza: US Hispanics represent around $1.4 trillion in buying power.

So why use US Spanish to tap into this potential? According to a 2016 study, seeing an ad in Spanish significantly increases the Hispanic consumer’s interest in the product and even positivizes their overall view of the company. What’s more, Spanish makes them feel more confident and protected from making costly mistakes when purchasing, and therefore more likely to push that buy button.

La integración es pan comido/ Integration is a piece of cake

But don’t stop there! If you want to establish a lasting relationship with the consumer and make them feel like part of the family, you’ll need to provide customer support in Spanish as well. So after Supertext has transcreated your creative or called on our copywriters to capture your consumer, we can work on your website. Supertext’s direct integration with your company’s CMS makes translating all policies and customer service pages muy fácil. We’ll develop the necessary plug-in so that ordering the translation of a webpage is right at your fingertips.

So whether your goal is to reach millennials in Chile, company execs in Mexico, Hispanic mothers in the US, or everybody in between, let Supertext put in a good word for you en español.

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