For a better understanding: Korean <-> English (US) translations now 30% off

We want to help both sides find the right words. And make the world a better place. At least 30% better.

Translations by Supertext – it’s great and as easy as booking a flight

Upload your documents, select languages and service quality, and you’ll get an instant quote for professional, high-quality translations. You can also order right away and manage all your language projects on the amazing Supertext platform.

Swiss quality

Supertext (more about us) was founded in 2005 in Switzerland, a country with four official languages. But only one when it comes to quality. We’ve expanded globally for good reason. With teams in Zurich, Lausanne, Berlin and now in Los Angeles.

How to get your discount

Just enter DonKim30 in the comments section of the order form, and we’ll lower the price 30% after we’ve received your order. The discount is valid for all translations from Korean into English (US) and vice versa until December 31, 2017. Any questions, get in touch.

Best wishes from the most peaceful copywriting and translation agency on the planet!

Picture/Photoshop: Supertext

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