A shining achievement: putting in a good word for durgol.

Things flow better with durgol. In the coffee machine. In the shower. And in Supertext’s new website translations.

The durgol website was spruced up under the direction of Ogilvy & Mather. The aim was to make it more modern, dynamic and user-friendly. That meant a focus on new features such as a product finder for every conceivable limescale issue, as well as more space for customer opinions.

The classic Swiss anti-limescale product is now available in more than 40 countries, so the new website is offered in French and English as well as German – with a little assistance from Supertext.

Fluidly from Typo3 to Trados – and back.

The client was pleased with the result:

“The collaboration with Supertext was easy and professional. We were impressed by both the translation quality and the workflow. Together with Supertext and our web agency ongoing, we found an efficient solution that allowed our website to be translated directly from Typo3. No more tedious copy-and-pasting!”

Sandra Hellmann, Düring AG

How did it work? With the Typo3 extension Localization Manager (l10nmgr). It exports Typo3 content to Trados-capable XML files in the blink of an eye. These can be fed seamlessly into the Supertext system and back out again into Typo3 after translation.

By the way: Supertext is continually developing new integrations for various CMS and other software, from WordPress and Drupal to the publishing software ns.publish.

Cover image via durgol

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