Wanderlust on the web – Supertext creates new landing pages for AccorHotels

From Basel to Lugano – AccorHotels invites you on a digital tour of Switzerland, with Supertext as your trilingual tour guide.

Ibis, Novotel, Mercure and Swissôtel are just a few of the well-known brands that make up AccorHotels, the largest hotel chain in Europe. It began in 1967 with the opening of the first Novotel in Lille, and is now an empire of more than 4,200 hotels, resorts and residences and over 3,000 exclusive private apartments in 95 countries.

AccorHotels has been working with Supertext since 2008, and has now begun its first major project with requests for copywriting and transcreation in three languages. The group is presenting its hotels in individual Swiss cities to an international audience on its new landing pages.

Bringing Switzerland to readers, and vice versa.

In contrast to its hotels, the landing pages aren’t intended for overnight guests. Their purpose is to grab attention, highlight attractive offers using short, snappy texts, and – above all – guide the visitor quickly to the booking process. In short: inspiring wanderlust and welcoming customers to Switzerland before they even start traveling.

The texts should bring readers to Switzerland. But first, they need to bring Switzerland to readers. That requires both global and local expertise: an awareness not only of each city’s unique qualities, but also of the language, culture and requirements of each target market. Supertext is well prepared for the challenge, with more than 2,700 similar projects under its belt, from Swiss International Air Lines to St. Moritz Tourism.

To begin with, Supertext showed off its skills by translating existing texts for AccorHotels, which led to a request to copywrite eleven more landing pages and transcreate them into French and English.

Project Manager Ben Glück says: “It’s been great to see the client increasingly offer us more responsibility. It’s enabled us to demonstrate the full range of our skills – from editing and copywriting to transcreation.”

“Hitting the right notes”

Our client Claudia Zimiker, E-Commerce Coordinator Outbound at AccorHotels Switzerland SA, is convinced:

“Our landing pages hit the right notes – thanks to Supertext. Whether they’re optimizing the original German and French texts or producing transcreations in the target audience’s language, the Supertext team know precisely how to inspire wanderlust. We’re completely satisfied.”

Cover image via AccorHotels Switzerland SA

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