Super fast translations for Avantgarde

Avantgarde partners with Supertext for translation and proofreading projects with a same-day turnaround.

Avantgarde is a global, owner-managed communications agency, where internationality is tangible and office-hopping between the 13 worldwide locations is standard practice for many of its more than 500 employees. Nevertheless, they don’t always have someone on hand who can jump in when the major brands represented by Avantgarde need something handled quickly. “Presentations or storyboards often need to be proofread and translated on the same day – and that’s not something a colleague can just take on when they have a host of other things to deal with. That’s when we turn to Supertext,” says Maria Ebert, project manager at Avantgarde.

Translations any time, day or night

Not every translation agency can deliver high quality under time pressure. But it’s Supertext forte, with our network of over 900 hand-selected copywriters and translators. This isn’t a particularly large pool in industry terms – there are a huge number of options out there. But Supertext only looks for the best. This is the role of Supertext’s internal language managers, who are also the ones that work their magic to make the tight turnaround times for Avantgarde possible. “When it comes to both our internal workforce and our external freelancers, we exclusively work with absolute experts who have gone through a rigorous selection process. We have years of experience in working with the advertising industry and know exactly what is needed,” says Kathryn Moser, Chief Language Officer at Supertext.

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