Why you should leave press releases to a professional

Why on earth would you let someone else write a press release for you? A total stranger? You know your company better than anyone. And you know better than anyone what you want to communicate to the press. So what’s the advantage?

Stand out from the crowd!

Journalists receive hundreds of press releases every day, and throw everything with an uninspiring or uninformative headline straight in the virtual shredder just to keep their heads above water. The next to be weeded out are the ones that don’t follow the proper stylistic format. Letting a professional copywrite your press release hugely increases your chances of getting journalists’ attention.

From headlines to SEO

Supertext offers PR experts that know headlines, subheadings, bodies and boilerplates like the back of their hand and can recite the AP Stylebook in their sleep. We work with copywriters who are able to capture your company and your message and present it concisely. And if things get tricky, we have additional experts who can help out with headlines. The result is a press release that will catch a journalist’s eye, and is also search engine optimized if necessary.

Deutsch, bitte!

Remember that the wider the audience the greater the competition for journalists’ attention. It’s particularly worth investing in a professional here: hand over your press release to a copywriter who is a native speaker and get your press release translated, thus avoiding stylistic or linguistic errors and ensuring your message resonates with your target audience.

The right team of experts…

…is right here! Supertext has them all, from PR specialists to headline junkies to SEO gurus. In over 30 languages. A concentrated pool of expertise that is just waiting to put in a good word for you by writing and translating your press release, honing every word until it’s perfect.

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