Supertext is freeing the world from technical jargon with its new plain language service

The online language service provider is expanding its range with a rewriting service to make texts more understandable.

Easy-to-understand texts have a bigger impact. Today, 60% of people don’t understand 80% of communication. Companies, authorities and organizations such as hospitals usually write at a C1 language level – but around 60% of the population only achieve B1 at best.

This is where Supertext’s plain language service comes in. Complicated texts are comprehensively rewritten to suit the reading level of the majority of the population – everything from websites through to tax forms.

Plain language means you don’t have to provide so much support. And creates trust.

Plain language corresponds to a B1 language level on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which equates to texts that 95% of people understand. The advantages are plain to see:

  • readers understand better and more quickly. And do what you want them to do.
  • Plain language creates trust in customers, citizens, patients…
  • Understandable texts mean you get fewer support questions.
  • Contracts are concluded more quickly and more often, since the costs and benefits are immediately apparent without any need for a consultation.

Supertext is offering two main services. The rewriting service involves a certified specialist rewriting existing texts in a more understandable way. There is also a comprehensive training program for companies with workshops, e-learning courses and feedback sessions, to provide a solid integration of plain language into the corporate language.


“People don’t buy things they can’t understand!”

The two services were developed in collaboration with Plain Language Europe, an international network of agencies. Enrico von Walterskirchen, Key Account Manager at Supertext Switzerland, is responsible for the project. “In the digital era, texts are increasingly replacing personal consultations. This is another reason why more and more companies in every industry are realizing the potential of plain language as an effective way to set their brand identity apart. Because one thing’s for sure – technical jargon isn’t customer-friendly.”

About Supertext

Founded in 2005, Supertext was among the top 100 technology startups in Europe by 2008 thanks to its internally developed order and distribution system. More than 3,000 companies use our online services. Not only can they order and manage their copywriting and translation projects online, they also benefit from our technical expertise and intelligent use of translation memories and termbases. Today, 48 in-house employees in Zurich, Lausanne, Berlin and Los Angeles coordinate the work of more than 1,000 copywriters, proofreaders and translators for national and international clients from all industries. Supertext handles 2,500 projects every month and is one of the top 100 language service providers worldwide.

Media contacts

Enrico von Walterskirchen, Key Account Manager,, +41 43 501 30 20

Fabian Dieziger, Head of Business, +41 43 500 33 81

Supertext AG, Hardturmstrasse 253, 8005 Zurich

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