Which language makes technical texts simple to understand? Plain language.

Insurance policies, credit agreements, tax declarations – they’re all vital for everyday life, yet almost impossible to understand. But help is at hand – with plain language.

Plain language corresponds to a B1 language level, as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The language level of an individual or a text can be measured as follows:


Companies, authorities and organizations such as hospitals usually write at a C1 language level – but around 60% of the Swiss population achieve B1 at best. That means that 60% of Swiss citizens only understand 20% of communications.

Plain language adapts texts to the reading level of the general population.

If you write at a B1 language level, the vast majority of people will be able to understand your texts – even without any previous knowledge on the topic. The advantage of that: easy-to-understand texts have a bigger impact.

  • Readers understand your text. And do what you want them to do.
  • Plain language creates trust. Among citizens, consumers and patients.
  • Plain language saves time and money.

People don’t buy things they can’t understand.

More and more companies are discovering plain language as a means of achieving their corporate goals. It’s a sales-oriented way to differentiate your brand. Technical jargon isn’t customer-friendly. People are skeptical of small print. By contrast, easy-to-understand texts create trust. Which is the first step towards a purchase.

Tailor-made for digitalization.

Consumers get their information online. Texts in plain language offer significant opportunities here: an insurance policy is written so that it can be understood on the first read-through. It’s simple. You read it. And you understand it. And because you can understand it so easily, you can immediately start thinking seriously about taking out a policy online. The phrase ‘You can find all the details on our website’ becomes a blessing, rather than a curse, for customers.

Have a text revised. Or learn to do it yourself.

Let Supertext rewrite your texts now. Or let us teach you to do it yourself and establish your own brand language.

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