Anna Maier launches a digital magazine – translated by Supertext

A radio and television presenter for more than 22 years, Anna Maier has a great deal of experience under her belt – even a few years as a copywriter for Supertext. And at the beginning of 2018, she started her latest venture:, a digital magazine where she interviews and profiles people with extraordinary stories to tell.

What inspired you to start the new magazine?

It was during some time off in Mallorca. Like many other times when I traveled across the world for work or pleasure, I would meet inspiring people and think, I want to write about them. It felt like the right time for my digital magazine. I’m in the middle of a trinational degree in new media journalism, and as we all know, traditional media such as print and TV are increasingly turning to online publication as they struggle to compete.

What does writing and language mean to you?

Everything. I fall in love with words and writing quite often. When I was 10 years old, I wrote my first short story. At 14, I won a national writing competition. Sometime in the future, I’d like to publish a book.

Why are you launching the digital magazine in German and English?

Because some of the interviewees don’t speak German, so they wouldn’t be able to read nor share the articles. Also, I have friends abroad that are excited about reading my stories, and English is the common language.

Why did you put your translations in the hands of Supertext?

Because I was part of the Supertext family myself, and I know from the inside that I can trust them completely.

Cover image: Jessica Kassner

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