Saving energy in three languages

From the street to millions of screens: the Energy Challenge, run by the Swiss Federal Office for Energy and Tamedia, the country’s leading media group, makes sustainability accessible and achievable. Thanks to Supertext, this is also the case in Romandy and Ticinio.

The Swiss climate targets are clear, and to help the Swiss population do their part, the Federal Office for Energy launched its Energy Challenge in 2016 – an informational campaign about efficiency, recycling and renewable energies. The initiative sees energy experts visiting numerous events, writing articles for wide-reaching media and sharing explanatory videos. has also been part of the campaign since 2017; the biggest news platform in Switzerland has already published 200 editorial and sponsored posts. Tamedia entrusts Supertext with its French and Italian translations.

Small steps, big impact

The posts don’t aim to make life difficult, but focus on established daily routines, where people can achieve a lot by doing just a little – with the right encouragement. Tamedia offers tips from reusing PET bottles to carpooling, as well as helpful articles such as detailed interviews with experts.

“Sustainability affects everyone. Thats why we attach special importance to perfect communication in all parts of the country.”

Mahmud Tschannen, Deputy Director of Commercial Publishing at Tamedia, is responsible for the client side, where they have counted on Supertext since 2013 for everything from blog posts to multimedia specials. Why is this?

“It’s really simple. Supertext delivers high-quality translations at a good price. They understand the idiosyncrasies of Swiss German, French and Italian very well. We value their speed, flexibility and customer-friendly service.”

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