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Language service provider Supertext receives the BELA award for best career progression.

Besides first-class copywriting and translation services, Supertext also provides super career opportunities. And Adaptive Globalization, the leading recruitment agency in the translation industry, agrees. Its “Best Employers in Localization Awards” (BELA) presents language service providers with awards in six categories. The “Best for Career Progression” award is given to companies that offer their employees attractive opportunities for advancement.

Last year, Donnelley Language Solutions Ltd., a corporation with over 4,000 employees, won the award. You can find out why Supertext is this year’s winner in the BELA awards magazine, and right here in this blog post – keep reading!


From intern to Head of Berlin

Our Head of Berlin, Chiara Tormen, demonstrates exactly what career progression at Supertext is all about. “After completing my studies in multilingual communication, I joined the Supertext team in 2014 – and stayed. I started as an intern and then progressed to Project Manager at the Zurich office. Two years later, I became Sales Manager and moved to Berlin to develop and expand the German office. Today, I head Supertext Deutschland GmbH with 20 employees. My career was partly made possible by Supertext’s growth, but it’s mainly down to the fact that as an employer, Supertext supports and develops each and every one of its employees’ careers. Careers at Supertext really are super!”


Kristy Sakai has a similar story: “After my BSc in management at the London School of Economics, and after living in Berlin for 10 years, I moved to Zurich to work for Supertext. I started as an English Language Manager. Now I’m Head of Los Angeles. As Head of LA, I was actively involved in Supertext’s intercontinental expansion in 2016.”


Kathryn Moser and Laura Fernández have been supporting the management team for the last year. Kathryn Moser was promoted to Chief Language Officer (CLO), and Laura Fernández to Chief Operating Officer (COO). Laura Fernández (right) is certain that the award for best career progression is well deserved. “Supertext goes to great lengths to remain an attractive employer for its employees and offers promising career development opportunities, which is one of the reasons why Kathryn and I are where we are today.”

About Supertext

Founded in 2005, Supertext was among the top 100 technology startups in Europe by 2008 thanks to its internally developed order and distribution system. More than 3,500 companies use our online services. Today, more than 55 in-house employees in Zurich, Berlin and Los Angeles coordinate the work of more than 1,500 hand-picked copywriters, proofreaders and translators for national and international clients from all industries. Supertext handles over 3,000 projects every month and is one of the top 100 language service providers worldwide.

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