Confusion → Consistency: How to proofread PDF documents at Supertext

Supertext has developed a guide with tips and tricks for our freelancers on proofreading PDF documents.

Customers know that they can rely on Supertext to catch any lingering typos and inconsistencies in PDFs before they head for publication. Yet even with the right expertise and eye for detail, it can be difficult for freelancers to navigate the seemingly endless applications and methods for making changes to PDFs.

Sticky notes, highlighting, circles and squares – with so many options, it’s all too easy to make edits that confuse graphic designers or leave room for interpretation. That’s why we’ve come up with a single, comprehensive approach for proofreading PDFs that will make the lives of both our freelancers and customers easier.

Take a look at our infocenter with the new guide for tips and tricks on editing PDFs in Adobe Reader.

Cover image via Unsplash

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