For a greener planet: Supertext translates for Ecosia

Ecosia is a Berlin-based search engine that uses its advertising revenue to finance tree planting projects. Thanks to its seven million users, Ecosia will soon have planted 50 million trees. Supertext has been translating Ecosia’s social media posts, blog articles and newsletters into six languages since 2017.

Like most search engines, Ecosia makes its money through advertisements that are shown next to the search results. However, what sets it apart from other search engines is the fact that Ecosia invests its profits in tree planting projects. And the details of their monthly earnings and costs are available for everyone to view online.

For a better internet

Ecosia needed a translation partner to help them spread the word about their mission across the globe. Its requirements? Superb quality and a reliable team with quick response times. Supertext fit the bill.

After a successful casting, a team of core translators was chosen to translate for Ecosia and localize content for different social media channels, blog posts and press releases. Supertext has been successfully working with the search engine since 2017, and now translates into four other languages for the client in addition to French and German.

“Supertext understands Ecosia’s style in every language. For complex and creative copywriting projects, several versions are often suggested, which is something we find very helpful. We are delighted that we can rely on the Ecosia team at Supertext.”

Joshua Gottlieb – Producer, Content Strategist & Editorial Lead

So, for those of you who haven’t already done your bit to fight climate change this year, start using Ecosia as your search engine and help plant trees. You can use the personal counter to see how many trees you’ve planted with your own searches.

Cover image via Ecosia

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