Beldona Supertext

Silky-smooth social media texts for Beldona

The long-established lingerie brand offers consumers perfectly tailored quality. Including in its multilingual marketing content.

The women’s lingerie brand Beldona was founded in 1955 and is now the market leader in Switzerland, with 66 stores and a first-class reputation. And Supertext is also part of the story, helping to position it as a premium brand.

In 2016, Beldona decided to consolidate its copywriting, translation and editing services with a single provider. Supertext was selected following an evaluation, and kicked off the collaboration by copywriting a 40-page summer magazine. Since then, we’ve completed 260 jobs for every channel imaginable. Supertext copywrites mailings and newsletters, transcreates slogans and marketing material, translates product descriptions and GTCs, and proofreads press releases.

Warm, elegant, confident. And subtle.

The creative language service provider also had a hand in Beldona’s latest major project: in 2018, the brand updated its social media communication strategy for Facebook and Instagram. Within a few weeks, it had developed a brand new concept: four collections each year, accompanied by a unique set of aesthetic imagery – and 248 super texts in German and English.

Each post is based on one of the four campaign phases – “Tease”, “Inspire”, “Present Series” and “Activate” – and aims to present Beldona’s values to women in just a few words. The style is therefore key. It needs to be warm, elegant and confident, with a sprinkle of subtle, slightly ironic humor. At the same time, the text shouldn’t outshine the images.

Beldona was aware of what a challenge it was setting, which was why it chose a single head copywriter who was already familiar with the brand. Over the course of several meetings, she was informed about the new concept and the desired language in meticulous detail.

“Inspiring from the very first suggestions.”

Julie Macé, Consumer Marketing Manager, is responsible for the new social media concept and truly values the collaboration with Supertext.

“The posts were inspiring right from the very first suggestions. We already knew that Supertext works with professional copywriters to offer high-quality texts. For us, the key factor in the decision was how well they came to understand us, our brand and the market in a very short time. The texts represent both the Beldona brand and the modern women behind it. We value the collaboration – it’s straightforward and flexible, and always on schedule.”

The team is now so well-versed in Beldona’s style that the brand simply places one order per collection, safe in the knowledge that the result will be the perfect fit.

Title image via Beldona

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