Supertext provides a firm foundation for Swiss Prime Site’s multilingual annual reports

Switzerland’s largest listed real estate company partners with Supertext for its annual reports in German, English and French.

Founded in 1999, Swiss Prime Site has enjoyed an outstanding rise to success: within 20 years, its real estate portfolio has grown from CHF 0.5 billion to an incredible CHF 11.2 billion. This impressive portfolio includes its own first-class construction projects, most prominently the Prime Tower in the booming neighborhood of Zurich West.

The business of developing and renting office and retail space in central locations was strong in 2018, and the company – which now employs a workforce of 6,300 – posted excellent figures. In late February 2019, with the help of Supertext, Swiss Prime Site published its Annual Report in German and English, along with a Short Report which was also published in French.

Complete publishing system integration

Swiss Prime Site began its search for a reliable language service provider in 2018, with a view to a long-term collaboration. And, after a successful test phase, it decided on Supertext. The first major communications project – the translation of its 196-page annual report – ran from December to February.

Our project managers worked closely with the reporting agency NeidhartSchön throughout the project. In order to ensure consistency, particularly in the financial report, Supertext saved all language versions of the previous year’s report to a client-specific translation memory. Starting in December, the first of the approved texts for the latest report began to arrive, and the majority then followed in January and February. As is often the case with annual reports, the timing was tight and required highly efficient processes.

Supertext rose to the challenge with the help of its tried-and-tested plugin for the ns.publish publishing system and the support of an experienced project manager as a single point of contact. This integration meant that individual texts could be submitted for translation with a single click and automatically inserted into the report in the correct target language. Ongoing synchronization ensured that the various versions remained consistent, even when changes were made to the source or target text, and guaranteed that the translation memory remained up to date.

“Our workflow became much quicker.”

Mladen Tomic and Markus Waeber are responsible for communications and investor relations at Swiss Prime Site. They value the new collaboration highly:

“The centralization of our translation projects with Supertext meant that our workflow became much quicker. The use of the translation memory enabled us to take our high quality to a new level.”

The project was an unqualified success – and the planning for the 2019 Semi-Annual Report is already underway.

Title image from Swiss Prime Site

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