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Super out-of-home advertising: Supertext translates APG|SGA’s annual report

Switzerland’s leading out-of-home advertising company has been relying on Supertext’s expert English translations since 2017.

Founded in Geneva in 1900, APG|SGA looks back on an impressive history and has since opened branches across Switzerland and built partnerships abroad. The company has around 500 employees and a share capital of CHF 7.8 million. APG|SGA’s business centers around the installation, maintenance and leasing of analog and digital advertising spaces, special advertising formats and mobile advertisements in highly frequented locations, for example in Zurich’s main station. It is also committed to developing sustainable and innovative out-of-home solutions.

Positive developments in the field of digital advertising over the last few years have led to very encouraging results. Since 2017, Supertext has been helping the out-of-home advertising company with translating its annual report and annual and half-yearly financial statements into English.

The alignment superheros and superb time management

At the end of 2016, APG|SGA was searching for a reliable and experienced translation partner for a long-term collaboration in financial communications. The English translation of the 2017 annual report and yearly financial statement were already in the pipeline – all that remained was to find a new translation partner. After an initial test, APG|SGA decided on Supertext.

Both documents came to about 80 pages in total. Over a time frame of just over three months, various chapters had to be translated into English and compared with the original German version. New content was to be translated ad hoc. The biggest challenge was therefore ensuring that terminology remained consistent, and making sure that the translation fragments that had already been translated didn’t get changed.

Our super solution was an alignment. Using modern CAT tools, the translations from the previous year were saved to a company-specific translation memory before the translation phase began. This meant that unchanged text could be automatically recognized during the translation process and copied over into the new translation, one-to-one.

Thanks to APG|SGA’s detailed schedule that ran on time, Supertext was able to reserve and plan the required resources ahead of time. This allowed everything to run without a hitch. The result? A super translation!

“Always super flexible and punctual.”

Tara Burkhard, Assistant to the CEO at APG|SGA, is very impressed with the collaboration with Supertext:

“Before we send texts to be translated, we prepare them very thoroughly. It is vital that existing translations are not changed. So we can work more efficiently, we often send the texts to be translated chapter by chapter, which means there are often several orders that need to be processed at the same time. Due to this complexity and the time pressure, we required a translation partner who could keep to our strict schedule, yet still be flexible enough to jump in and help out with urgent translations. We also require professional translation tools to ensure that our translations are consistent. With Supertext, we’ve found a super partner who fulfills all of our requirements.”

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