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A Very Incredible Partner: Supertext is bringing VIP platform DAIMANI to the world stage – in multiple languages.

English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Chinese – DAIMANI, a Swiss e-commerce firm specializing in VIP experiences, has chosen the translation experts at Supertext to assist with launching its new international website, which is an experience in itself featuring seven different languages.

The DAIMANI platform was founded in 2018, when six experts with experience from the VIP hospitality sector joined forces. The independent marketplace sells VIP experience packages for sporting, cultural and entertainment events. Customers can book events securely and easily via the platform, and event organizers are given the opportunity to advertise their offers online. Thanks to its unrivaled development, the Swiss firm has been able to extend its reach and has successfully established several branches across the globe. DAIMANI now has offices in Paris, Hamburg, Hong Kong, London, Amsterdam, São Paulo, Cape Town and Sochi, and is set to launch the largest international marketplace for live hospitality packages. Thanks to the founders’ many years of experience in the hospitality and IT industries, customers can expect innovative, tailor-made solutions. In tech terms, the platform is based on SAP C/4HANA and SAP S/4HANA.

From 0 to 100 with the right set-up

A multilingual website is vital for an international client base. In January 2019, DAIMANI was on the hunt for a reliable and experienced partner with whom it could establish a long-term translation collaboration. That’s when it stumbled on Supertext. The task? To translate a wide variety of content into seven world languages, including privacy policies, general terms & conditions, product descriptions and newsletters. The first round of translations commenced in March, to be followed by further content on an ongoing basis. This includes the app, which will be launched in September. A total of around 24,000 words needs to be translated into English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Chinese.

After completing a short test translation, Supertext was given the go-ahead. It established professional teams of translators and proofreaders for each language, and a customer-specific glossary was created to guarantee consistent terminology across the translations. In addition to this, DAIMANI provided Supertext with a language guide to ensure that it hit the right tone in each language. These are both standard requirements to guarantee that translation turnaround times are as fast as possible and to bring the multilingual version of the platform to the world stage.

“Super flexible and constructive feedback.”

Christian Nilson, one of the founders of DAIMANI, values the collaboration with Supertext highly:

“For the launch of our new platform, we needed a partner who could take on a large volume of diverse content and deliver translations within the given deadlines. We were impressed with Supertext from the get-go. That’s because its business, just like our platform, is based online and is easy for customers to navigate. Translating into the rarer languages was undoubtedly a challenge. It’s important to us that all of the translations are flawless and that we can keep our administrative workload to a minimum. From day one, Supertext Ltd provided us with excellent support in implementing and coordinating the translations. We’ve always been able to rest assured that urgent orders will be delivered on time. We also really appreciate the constructive feedback that we get from the translators, who not only translate the material we send, but also provide suggestions for improvement or draw our attention to mistakes – small details that make all the difference.”

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