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Very smart indeed: Swisscom Home App available in four languages thanks to Supertext

Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading telecommunications provider, offers an all-in-one app for the home that simplifies everything from evening entertainment to security while on vacation. And the Swisscom Home app is now also available in English, French and Italian thanks to Supertext.

The Swisscom Home app gives you networked control of smart appliances within your home, meaning that daily life can be automated. The app allows you to centrally manage all of your smart gadgets directly from your smartphone. But you wouldn’t be 100% smart if you weren’t also multilingual, right? That’s why Swisscom wanted the app to be available in English, French and Italian in addition to German.

Swisscom’s collaboration with Supertext spans several years and has already proven successful during earlier ICT projects. Supertext has been translating a variety of Home app content for a year now, from navigation and technical instructions through to the help section – in English, French and Italian. The language service provider also subtitles videos and translates various webpages, newsletters and FAQs relating to the app.

Tapping your way to a smart home

A constant challenge involved in translating the app content was ensuring that the intuitive navigation was preserved in the target languages. This ensures that the app is not only understood by all users, but is also easy to control and can be used efficiently. With this in mind, translators worked with a collaboration tool, especially right at the beginning of the project. This workspace could be accessed directly by everyone involved in the project, and allowed them to view the technology’s development with their own eyes. This meant that the translators could directly follow the navigation paths within the app.

The result: the app can now be used to set the atmosphere at home. It switches lights on and off, plays music, controls landline connections and manages wifi networks – in four different languages! The app can also be used to remotely control your home appliances when you’re out and about, simulating your presence with light and sound. This is especially handy during the summer break and can be set up at the tap of a finger.

“Reliable and fast”

Irina Zikofsky, Interaction Designer in charge of copy at Swisscom, is pleased about the collaboration with Supertext and the fact that the Swisscom Home App can now be understood across all of Switzerland.

“Supertext is an agency that gets the work done fast and can be relied on at all times. I appreciate how easy it is to work with them.”

Cover image via Swisscom

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