A perfect match: tennis updates for Swiss Indoors translated in under two hours

The great Roger Federer is trilingual – in interviews, he’s equally happy answering in German, English or French. To make sure that the Swiss Indoors tournament can keep up with him, Supertext has been brought into play. With record-breaking translation times.

The ball boys and girls in Basel, Switzerland can soon look forward to pizza deliveries: that’s what Roger Federer rewards their work with at Swiss Indoors. After all, the local hero knows to appreciate the job they do – he used to be one of them, running after balls at the tournament. The 70,000 spectators, meanwhile, can look forward to plenty of world-class tennis: alongside their national hero, the Swiss will welcome the German ATP world champion Alexander Zverev and the Italian Fabio Fognini, who has just broken into the top ten. To ensure that the tour’s third-biggest indoor tournament not only aces the sport and culinary side of things, but also the linguistic, Supertext is stepping out onto the court.

Swiss Indoors gains new translation service

The collaboration has been in full swing since the start of October: Supertext proofread and translated all the texts for the Swiss Indoors website relaunch. The tournament organizers received around 13,000 words translated into English and French within an impressively tight time frame.

However, the service will really hit new heights during the tournament itself. Swiss Indoors will produce tournament news on all nine match days, to be published in the Swiss media, on their website and on teletext. Supertext’s on-call service will ensure that these are translated directly into English and French. And then returned as an express delivery within one to two hours. That’s less time than it takes to finish many five-setters.

“Keeping our cool thanks to the on-call service”

Patrick Ammann, Managing Director at Swiss Indoors, is delighted that keeping to time will not be an issue off the court. He’s very happy with Supertext’s quick returns:

“During the tournament, emotions will be running high. Thanks to Supertext’s on-call translation service, however, our communications team can keep their cool.”

Cover image via Swiss Indoors AG

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