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Trek rides with Supertext: the world’s best bikes need the world’s best translators

Driven by adventure, guided by history and enchanted by the freedom of the open road – Trek creates the world’s greatest bicycles. And its commitment to quality lead the global brand to Supertext – because it doesn’t compromise in localization either.

As the official translation partner of Tour de Suisse, Supertext is no stranger to the world of cycling. Not only does it have an army of sports-savvy linguists, it knows its cycling jargon and are passionate cyclists themselves. So when Trek met Supertext in 2017, the localization wheels were set in motion.

From the Red Barn to the world

From its headquarters in Waterloo, Wisconsin, Trek markets its bicycle in 85 countries. With brands including Trek Bike, Electra and Diamant, it manufactures world-class racing bikes, trail-shredding mountain bikes, cutting-edge e-bikes and much more for passionate cyclists across the globe. So it’s no surprise that it takes pride in its localization work too. Managing translations and multilingual content through a GlobalLink workflow, Trek works with Supertext to adapt its message for an international audience.

Linguistic casting

Trek’s dedicated project manager at Supertext worked with the language team to do an initial casting of linguists. The goal was to form a team of Trek-approved linguists that have sound knowledge of cycling and sports-related topics and a flair for writing. A hand-picked selection of linguists completed a sample project, and Trek’s in-market reviewers picked their favorites. As the volume has grown, Supertext has continued to test linguists to increase capacity for Trek – without compromising on quality.

Continuous collaboration

Today, Trek collaborates with Supertext on multiple projects every month, ranging from product descriptions to employee training, video subtitles to catalogues, B2B communication to creative copy. For web and print – often with short deadlines, always in high gear.

Cover image via Trek – Bike List

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