3,000 tailor-made translations for CALIDA

Underwear brand CALIDA has been ordering translations from Supertext since 2014, making its sustainable underwear and loungewear widely available in four different languages.

From Switzerland into the wider world – that’s CALIDA’s motto. For over 75 years, the company has been transporting its values of sustainability, premium Swiss quality and contemporary design around the world. CALIDA is thus one of Europe’s leading underwear brands, representing innovative materials, outstanding craftsmanship and a passion for detail. The brand sets the same high standards for its written material – and that’s where the language experts at Supertext come in, crafting tailor-made translations in English, French and Italian.

Clear translations and a clear conscience

In 2016, CALIDA became the first underwear company to introduce the internationally recognized MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® label. For CALIDA, sustainability isn’t just a trend: it’s part of its identity. With its 100% compostable shirts, CALIDA succeeded in creating a world-first ecological innovation. Each year, CALIDA presents its annual report on corporate social responsibility, which documents its environmentally-friendly ventures. The translation of the report into English, French and Italian is placed in Supertext’s capable hands.

CALIDA also places great value on the company’s digitalization: in 2017, it acquired Reich Online Services and has since managed its online store using the ecommerce platform. This process involved making its numerous product texts available in other languages – which is where Supertext stepped in. Today, CALIDA ships its products worldwide, enabling customers in more than 100 countries to shop with a clear conscience.

Anything but off-the-rack

In 2017, CALIDA launched its very own blog to inspire customers with fashion-, trend- and sustainability-related content. The translation of the blogposts is one of the many projects with which CALIDA has entrusted Supertext. This is in addition to the countless catalogs, lookbooks, press releases, posters, hang tags for stationary sales channels, presentations, job ads and training materials regularly translated into English, French and Italian. In addition to CALIDA’s marketing department, the digital, PR, retail, HR and management departments also place orders. To date, Supertext has carefully tailored 3,000 translations for CALIDA. The translators, chosen for their expertise in fashion and textiles, ensure the required level of specialist knowledge when it comes to materials, cuts and designs.

“Supertext is our language hub”

The longstanding collaboration between CALIDA and Supertext also allows for cost savings through the use of a translation memory: numerous chunks of translated text are saved in the database, ready to be used again for future translations. Its centralized online system means that Supertext’s translations are always “delivered very promptly. The system is also extremely easy to navigate”, says Janine Weiz-Bühler, Director of Brand & Product and member of the management. “It also allows us to centrally manage all of our translation orders. We are very grateful to have Supertext as our longstanding language partner.”

Cover image via CALIDA

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