Boosting global sales in 2020: big retail days from around the world

Black Friday, Cyber Monday… and it’s already time to fill stockings with more gifts. In the US, many retailers make more than half of their annual revenue during the holiday season. But if you think this is peak retail season everywhere in the world, think again.

Sure, Black Friday is catching on in China, Japan – even traditional France – as retailers eye another opportunity to boost sales by luring consumers with heavy discounts. But every market has its own distinct holidays and consumption cycles, and you would be missing out on big sales drivers if you ignore them.

This is especially true for ecommerce, where the barriers to entry into a new market are often lower than traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. A solid distribution channel and multiligual product descriptions, supported by creatively adapted marketing and transcreated advertising, can open up opportunities for you to reach a much bigger audience, especially if you target local retail seasons thoughtfully.

So what are you waiting for? Have you planned out your 2020 retail calendar already? It’s not too late – Supertext is here to help you throughout the seasons.


Santa may bring presents to nice children around Dec 25 in some parts of the world, but in countries like the Netherlands, St Nicolas comes with gifts around Dec 6. Children in Mexico and Russia have to wait even longer, until Jan 6. Boxing Day (Dec 26) is a huge sales day in the UK, Canada, Australia and South Africa, while in East Asian countries such as China and South Korea, Christmas is the time to prepare gifts for Lunar New Year – a two week festival that starts on Jan 25, 2020.


Valentine’s Day may be Hallmark’s signature day, but do you know about White Day, Asia’s response to Feb 14? It’s one of Japan’s biggest retail days since traditionally, men gift women presents in return for the ones they received on Valentine’s Day – often of three times the value. It’s a commercial trend that’s spreading across China, Malaysia, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia, too. Eid al-Fitr, the day that marks the end of Ramadan, is celebrated by Muslims worldwide with good food, new clothes, gifts and parties; in the UK, the Muslim Pound contributes millions to the economy.


The first day of June is Children’s Day, the most important day for children in China after their birthdays when they perform, attend field trips and receive gifts from school and parents. The whole month of July is the time for summer sales in Europe – it’s even mandated by legislation in France and lasts up to 4 weeks. And don’t forget: Tokyo is hosting the Olympics this summer, offering a huge opportunity for brands to reach a global audience!


Oktoberfest, Halloween, Thanksgiving – there are so many reasons to celebrate in the fall. It’s also the season of big commerce in China, when Single’s Day on 11/11 has been marketed to cheer up people without romantic partners. 11/11 has since kicked off a series retail benchmark days that now include 9/9, 10/10, and 12/12. The Chinese ecommerce platforms Taobao & T-Mall generate tens of billions of dollars in sales on these days, and this trend has now expanded to other SEA countries – Indonesia, Phillipines, Vietnam, and more.

From Uniqlo to Apple, many retailers are seeing more than half of their revenue coming in from international consumers. The opportunities are huge – and Supertext is here to help you reach global markets.

    Winter / 冬 / l’hiver / شتاء / 겨울 / Winter
    Dec 6 St. Nicholas Day Netherlands, Germany, Lebanon
    Dec – Jan Christmas & New Years sales Worldwide
    Dec 26 Boxing Day sales UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand
    January Winter sales Major European countries
    Jan 16 – Feb 29 Grand sales South Korea
    Jan 25  – Feb 9  Lunar New Year Chinese Spring Festival, Vietnamese Tet, Korean Solnal
    Spring / 春 / le printemps / ربيع /봄 / Frühling
    March 9 Holi Festival Hindus across India and other South Asian countries
    March 14 White Day China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia
    May 1 – May 10 Spring sales Greece
    May 24 – 27 Eid al-Fitr Worldwide
    Summer / 夏 /l’été/ صيف / 여름 / Sommer
    June 1 Children’s Day China
    June 12 Dia dos Namorados Brazillian Valentine’s Day Brazil
    July Summer sales Major European countries
    July 24 – Aug 9 2020 Summer Olympics Japan
    Aug 19 – 20 Islamic New Year Arab world
    Autumn / 秋 / l’automne / خريف/ 가을 / Herbst
    Sep 9
    Oct 10
    Nov 11
    Dec 12
    10/10 (TBBD – The Big Billion Days)
    11/11 (Single’s Day)
    12/12 (Double-12)
    China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Phlippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan and other Asian countries
    Sep 19 – Oct 4 Oktoberfest Mainly Germany, U.S., Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, China
    Oct 14 Canadian Thanksgiving Canada
    Nov 1 – Nov 10 Autumn sales Greece
    Nov 14 Diwali Hindu community in India
    Nov 20 – 23   El Buen Fin Mexico
    Nov 27 Black Friday Worldwide
    Nov 30 Cyber Monday Online

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