International logistics company keeps on trucking with Supertext

International logistics company Planzer is on the road across Europe – and Hong Kong. And as its translation partner, Supertext is along for the ride.

With 5,300 employees and a fleet of 1,900 vehicles, Planzer offers national and international road and rail transport, forwarding, warehouse logistics, air shipment, private and company removals, and parcel services. And the family-run company keeps an eye on the environment as well as on your deliveries: by splitting its cargo between road and rail, it saves 6,300 tons of CO2 a year.

For Planzer, finding the right words is just as important as finding the right method of transport for a shipment. The company’s pun-loving website is available in four different languages – or five, if you include a tribute to its Swiss German roots.

Safe transport across linguistic borders

Planzer wants all of its communications – online and offline, and in every language – to strike the same fresh, surprising and personal note. So in summer 2017, the company went on the hunt for a new language service provider that could offer the necessary creativity. After several rounds of test translations, it settled on Supertext. Planzer now makes use of three different services to deliver perfect texts in English, German, French and Italian:

  • For marketing communications, Planzer chooses transcreations. This ensures that the claims and slogans on its posters, trucks and newsletters hit the right emotional note in every language – and that the wordplay doesn’t get lost in transit.
  • Specialist translations provide web content that’s factually correct and internal communications – such as contracts, training documents and the employee magazine – that won’t cause any raised eyebrows.
  • The company also makes use of the proofreading and revision service for its employee magazine and customer correspondence. And Supertext delivers the goods, with not a single word (or comma) out of place.

Planzer Claus distributes 300 Christmas parcels

Planzer now employs Supertext’s services across the entire company. In 2018, it launched an international parcel service for deliveries of up to 30 kg. Translated literally, the punny tagline “Die Schweiz ist geliefert” could mean either “Delivering Switzerland” or “Switzerland is screwed”. Supertext’s transcreation experts got to work on it. The result was:


“A parcel service that delivers”

And it delivered for Supertext as well: last December, the language service provider chose the Planzer parcel service to deliver its Christmas gifts. The logistics company ensured that 300 parcels bearing Christmas greetings in eight languages all made it to their destinations safely and in good time.

Cover image via Planzer

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