Supersurvey – what our freelancers really think of Supertext

No copywriting and translation agency could work without a pool of dedicated freelance contractors, and Supertext is no exception. We asked them for feedback – with pretty encouraging results.

We invest a lot of time in finding the most talented linguists and are uncompromising when it comes to quality. Our contractors are the same: they want to work with top quality agencies they can trust. In order to know what our freelancers thought of Supertext, we swapped roles and asked them to give us feedback on our work. And we made the survey anonymous, so they would really tell it like it is.

Professionalism, simple processes and fun jobs

We were particularly interested in three things: whether our contractors would recommend us, whether they like our platform, and whether they like working with our language managers. On a scale of 1 to 5 (where 5 was the highest), those three items were rated 4.64, 4.72 and 4.64 respectively. Because we wanted to know more, we also asked the freelancers to tell us one thing that sets Supertext apart: 64% cited the friendliness and professionalism of our teams; for instance, our ability to answer questions quickly and accurately. 38% of respondents made special mention of our easy-to-use platform where they can access jobs and style guides and generate invoices automatically. The third most frequently given answer (27%) was the interesting, high-quality work Supertext offers. We have our clients to thank for that. Other positive responses included our respect for freelancers and our focus on quality.

More of everything

If you could change one thing… In response to that question, 20% of our respondents said they would not change anything. However, a large majority wanted more of something: more money (15%), more work (12%), more time to complete the assignments (8%). Who wouldn’t?! To provide an explanation, at Supertext, the rates and the number of jobs assigned depend on two things: the service provided by a freelancer and the projects given to us by our clients. A simple translation from German into French won’t be paid the same as a transcreation from Chinese into Finnish. We recommend that our freelancers negotiate with us individually. As for the deadlines, they also depend on what our clients order. But we are open to discussion whenever possible.

Among the other responses, we got a lot of interesting suggestions on how to improve our Supersystem, from document display to freelancer profile updates. So stay tuned for 2020 when we’ll try to implement some of your suggestions.

A successful first Freelancer Convention

On November 15, 2019, the first ever Supertext Freelancer Convention was held in Berlin. We included some questions about it in our survey. 99% of our respondents found the program interesting. They also appreciated the chance to meet Supertext staff and network in a relaxed atmosphere. Our team’s efforts to come up with interesting presentations were also acknowledged – and we’ve already received some ideas for topics for the next event. So keep an eye out for updates on when, where and what’s in store in the coming months!

We would like to thank our freelancers for their honesty and their helpful input.


And here are a few freelancer voices:

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