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Multilingual websites: Supertext and Divio launch translation plugin for django CMS

Managing multilingual websites can be challenging. That’s why Supertext is constantly developing new solutions that allow content to be translated directly in its clients’ CMS. Now, in collaboration with Divio, we’ve created a plugin for django – NASA’s CMS of choice.

Most companies have been using the same CMS for years. All their processes are organized around it, and they don’t want to have to change it when they start offering their website in multiple languages. They need solutions for existing systems that make providing a multilingual website simple, cost-effective and user-friendly.

Django CMS is one of the world’s leading open-source systems – even NASA is a fan. The driving force behind the development of django solutions is the Swiss-Swedish technology provider Divio.

One click – 100+ languages

Together with the Supertext IT team, Divio developed a software solution for a client that is in the process of localizing its website for 29 different markets. This solution, which is integrated into the django CMS, allows all texts – including metadata, image descriptions and links – to be translated in their original layout. It then sends the finished product back to the CMS. And it can handle anything from a single webpage up to several hundred simultaneously.

The fully automated plugin has been connected to the Supertext order system, enabling clients to see at a glance which translation services are available, and with which deadlines. The order status remains visible in the system throughout the translation process. Once it’s completed, the translation can be published with just a single click.

Once the settings have been configured in the backend, the free plugin can be used for as many languages as the client wishes – they never even have to leave their familiar CMS environment.

Oh so simple

Just install Divio’s django CMS translation plugin. You’ll then see the translation option in the navigation bar at the top, and can select the page you want translated and your desired target language.

Check the configuration details and select Supertext as your provider in the pop-up window.

Then all you need to do is choose your preferred delivery date and send the order.

Would you like to take advantage of our django translation plugin? Or would you like an integration into a different CMS? Supertext’s IT team is constantly developing new solutions. Just get in touch with Rémy Blättler, Head of Technology.

And NASA, if you’re reading this – if you ever do make contact with aliens, bear in mind that we also offer translations into Klingon and Aurebesh.

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