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Renowned communications magazine gets final polish from Supertext

A leading light of the Swiss communications sector, the renowned magazine persönlich is synonymous with uncompromising quality in terms of both content and style. That’s why it’s partnered with Supertext, to ensure that the language is flawless from cover to cover.

The industry magazine is published 10 times a year, providing updates and reports on the Swiss communications and advertising landscape. Its online portal has an equally impressive reach, with 120,000 visitors every month, while the newsletter – with over 20,000 subscribers – is unrivaled in the industry.

For over 40 years, the magazine has been showcasing individuals from the communications industry. In articles on branding, media, advertising, marketing and digital tools, it gives a voice to industry experts – one of whom is always featured in the lead story. Supertext then makes sure that these articles are completely free from errors before they go to print.

Up close and persönlich

Since the start of 2019, the magazine has relied on a fixed Supertext team of one project manager and two language specialists to process its print editions. Each issue is proofread twice to ensure that the spelling and grammar are spotless, even with the usual time pressure so common to print publications with large volumes and extremely tight deadlines.

For the particularly urgent final round of proofreading, the proofreaders work longer hours or even go in person to the publisher’s own office to make the final layout corrections. The same native speakers are used each time, so the magazine can maintain a consistent style and unified voice across every issue.

Clean communication – in multiple languages

The collaboration with Supertext started back in 2016, when persönlich asked the agency to proofread and translate a few marketing texts. Impressed by the quality, the publishing house then tasked Supertext with proofreading its main publication, including various special editions. Supertext goes through the language and style with a fine-toothed comb at lightning speed – and often handles some English translations at the same time. The whole project is a resounding success, as Roman Frank, Publishing and Advertising Manager at persönlich, explains:

“In these fast-paced times, we need flexible partners – and that’s just what we’ve found with Supertext. We particularly value how professional and reliable the collaboration is.”

Cover image via persönlich

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