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Better quality through context: Supertext integrates its services into translate5

The leading open-source translation management system (TMS) lets you keep one eye on the end product at all times – ensuring high-quality texts and straightforward approval processes for clients operating internationally.

XTM, Memsource, Wordbee, Smartling, GroupShare, memoQ – there are plenty of professional TMS out there. But whichever system clients opt for, one thing remains the same: the providers are focused on profit, which means they aren’t interested in letting customers influence their development process.

translate5 is different. The system, which was created by MittagQI, has brought together a range of language services providers to work on development. Its source code is published publicly online. As part of the core team, Supertext plays a leading role in shaping further development to meet its clients’ needs.

Visual context for higher quality and faster approval

Visual Translation lets translators see into the future: the target document, with its final layout, is visible throughout the entire translation process, and is updated as the translator types. They can see where each text will be placed, how long it can be without disrupting the layout, and where the line breaks will go. This improves the quality of the translation and saves time, as it removes the need for a final check in the layout.

Clients who operate internationally also benefit from the feature. If they’re localizing marketing documents for subsidiaries around the world, for example, they can have them checked and adjusted by local staff before they generate the final documents. It’s quicker, easier and more flexible for everyone.

Small orders, lean processes

The system also makes it easier for language service providers and freelancers to handle the ever-increasing numbers of small orders they receive. The whole process takes place in a browser, meaning that there’s no need to manually create and send files. This allows project managers and language managers to distribute orders to the appropriate specialists more quickly and easily, making the tool an attractive alternative to the current market leaders for agencies and freelancers. No download, installation, license fee or software updates required.

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Would you like to use translate5 as a Supertext client or freelancer? CTO Rémy Blättler will be happy to help.

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